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Jefferson Nature Center Hosts Events

Four showcase events: “Shifting Patterns: Preparing for Unsettled Days”

Ashland, Oregon

Jefferson Nature Center is coordinating “Shifting Patterns: Preparing for Unsettled Days,” a climate change arts project that connects sixteen local artists with scientists at the GEOS Institute. “Shifting Patterns” artistic participants include writers, visual artists and performance artists.

The sixteen artists involved are interpreting what they have learned from local climate change expert Cindy Deacon Williams and from a recently released report on preparing for climate change in the Rogue Valley. “Shifting Patterns” is funded by the Oregon Arts Commission through the Arts Builds Community Grants program. The dates for the four showcase events are June 19, August 1, September 19 and October 10. The June 19 and August 1 events will be held at Jefferson Nature Center, 2931 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford at 7:00 PM.

Partners in “Shifting Patterns” are Jefferson Nature Center, the GEOS Institute, and the Rogue Valley Council of Governments.

The sixteen artists are: Zoe Alowan (story teller, painter), Bruce Bayard (computer generated visual artist), Jim Chamberlain (photographer), Ann DiSalvo (visual artist), Shoshanah Dubiner (painter), John Fisher-Smith (spoken word), Althea Godfrey (writer), Jeff Golden (writer and facilitator), Barbara Massey (watercolors), Vanessa Nowitsky (singer and dancer), Karin Onkka (graphic artist and mandalas), Jan Pinhero (watercolors), Kandy Scott (contemporary dolls), Pepper Trail (writer), Thalia Truesdell (weaver), Marlene Warneke (mixed media).

Jefferson Nature Center, a non-profit nature and science education organization, works with local artists to create locally relevant art and literature. JNC also educates children in Title I schools in the Medford and Phoenix-Talent school districts. Over its seven year history, JNC has coordinated arts programs that supported approximately 30 local artists and writers. More information is available at

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