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Geos Institute helps communities build resilience in the face of climate change
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We provide communities with high quality climate adaptation plans that protect people and nature.

Climate change is happening. Communities are already experiencing severe climate-related impacts. Natural systems and frontline communities are at especially high risk. Building climate resilience requires an integrated approach that is based on the best climate change science; protect and restore ecosystems; and align with the community’s values.

What We Do

We work to ensure that communities across the country are responding to the threat of climate change in ways that are effective and beneficial over the long-term. Our ClimateWise team helps local leaders understand the likely future climate conditions and develop locally appropriate solutions. We do this by working directly with communities and facilitating their planning processes using our Whole Community Resilience framework.

We are also active in field-wide efforts to ensure that federal programs and funding for adaptation follows best practices like our Whole Community Resilience framework. As one of the early climate change adaptation organizations, we use our leadership to ensure the adaptation field itself continues to promote solutions that work for both people and nature.

Whole Community Resilience

Our team developed the Whole Community Resilience framework. It is a practical and proven way to incorporate the needs of natural systems and frontline communities with traditional community planning sectors. It incorporates the concepts of multi-stakeholder engagement, cross-sector solution development, and learning and improvement over time.

Whole Community Resilience is now considered to be best practice in the larger climate adaptation field.

Climate Ready Communities

Geos Institute ClimateWise and Climate Ready Communities

In 2019 we launched a new initiative, Climate Ready Communities. This effort provides local leaders with high-quality information and resources. It was created based on a need for free and low-cost resources for budget-constrained communities. The initiative provides an assisted “Do-It-Yourself” approach based on our Practical Guide to Building Climate Resilience.

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Truckee, California

We worked with the Town of Truckee, CA to develop a Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Adaptation Plan.

Louisville, Kentucky

We worked with Louisville Metro Government to develop a Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Adaptation Plan.