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Geos Institute helps communities build resilience in the face of climate change

Climate Innovation Center – Pilot Program

About the Pilot Program

The Geos Institute has taken the first steps in the development of the Climate Ready America system. We have selected five states or statewide organizations to pilot Climate Innovation Centers and are developing a single, nationwide Support Team to assist those pilots. This first pilot phase will show proof of concept and provide the learning necessary to determine how states with different circumstances can be served by the same system. We are testing five viable pathways to building a Climate Innovation Center, based on five different hosting bodies:

  1. State government
  2. Academic entity
  3. Cooperative extension
  4. Statewide nonprofit
  5. Operational structure involving a nonprofit partnering with regional planning commissions

These pathways will show us how Climate Innovation Centers can be built and operated under widely varying state circumstances.

We are planning rapid nationwide expansion of the Climate Ready America system, which involves immediately applying what is learned in this 2022 pilot phase to the next round of pilots and then to building out to the remaining states (and possibly territories) over the next five years. It is an ambitious plan because the challenge of climate change requires that level of ambition. States and statewide organizations interested in hosting a Climate Innovation Center in future can submit a Letter of Interest at any time. See instructions below.


Several funding pathways have been identified and are being pursued aggressively now that the pilots have been identified. Pilot states may be asked to assist with funding requests for philanthropic and congressional funding.  There is no expectation that they will move forward with the development of a Climate Innovation Center until resources are secured.   

Ongoing Support  

The goal is to have a Climate Innovation Center in every state, so states that have not been selected in this first round of pilots will remain part of the system. Learnings, tools, and best practices from the pilots will be shared with these states as they prepare for future opportunities to be funded through the Climate Ready America system.   

Letter of Interest  

States and statewide organizations that are interested in hosting a Climate Innovation Center in the future are invited to send a Letter of Interest to the Geos Institute, Climate Ready America team. Once we receive your Letter of Interest, we will include you in the future pre-pilot support efforts. 

In your Letter of Interest, please describe your organization, its history and experience in climate resilience work, your network across your state, and why you think you would be a good candidate to host a Climate Innovation Center. Send your letter to Kim Adams:

We will arrange an introductory conversation and follow up by including you in group discussions and communications with other pre-pilot groups. If more than one organization submits a Letter of Interest from your state, we will put you in touch with each other, so you can discuss who would be the best candidate to host the Center. You can then re-submit your letter collaboratively. 

Pilot Proposal Submissions Closed for 2022

The Geos Institute is no longer accepting pilot proposals for 2022. We will notify those who have expressed interest as soon as we are able to open a new round of proposals. Read about our 2022 Selection Criteria and 2022 Instructions for Submitting a Proposal.

Submissions were closed April 15, 2022.  We are accepting Letters of Interest, if you would like to be considered for the next round of pilots. Learn more above. 

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