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On the passing of Bill Bradbury

April 19, 2023

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

We at the Geos Institute are deeply saddened by the untimely loss of our long-time former board member, Bill Bradbury. Bill passed away on April 14th due to complications in his long battle with Multiple Sclerosis while traveling with his wife, Katy Eymann.

Bill began his decades-long public service in the Oregon Legislature, first as a Representative and then as a Senator. After retiring from the Legislature, Bill was appointed by Gov. John Kitzhaber to replace retiring Phil Keisling as Secretary of State. Bill was also appointed to serve on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. Bill’s notable accomplishments include directing “For the Sake of Salmon” with tireless efforts to rescue threatened Salmon runs statewide. Yet another project Bill undertook was as one of Al Gore’s first “Climate Warriors”, having been trained by Al and going on to train many more!

This Oregonian article touches on much of his extraordinary legacy, embracing other areas as well, including voter registration, leading Oregon to be the first state to adopt mail-in voting, and so much more.

Geos Institute benefited tremendously from Bill’s lengthy service on our Board of Directors, where he brought exuberance and passion to climate and other environmental deliberations, with ever-present positive energy and encouragement, and light-hearted humor, tempered with the sage advice of a veteran.

His passing will not eclipse the enduring radiance of his joyful, youthful spirit, which lives on in those who knew and loved him, as well as with each nascent run of wild salmon up the cool coastal rivers of Oregon.

As our Executive Director Tonya Graham so beautifully put it: “The world has lost a bit of its sunshine.”

And so indeed… Shine On, Bill!!

With gratitude,

James Ince
Board of Directors, Geos Institute
Ashland, Oregon

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