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A National Meeting of the Minds

From the October 2022 Cornerstone Network Email

A preview of our Climate Ready America poster for the National Adaptation Forum

Members of our team are about to head to Baltimore for the National Adaptation Forum. As I write this message, we are putting the final touches on a pre-conference workshop we are co-hosting with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Program Office.

This workshop will bring together climate resilience leaders and federal agencies to discuss getting the new federal investments to ground where they are needed most. On the agenda is a presentation about Climate Ready America. We want to hear from federal agencies about how this initiative can help them do their work more effectively.

This effort builds on years of working with NOAA’s Climate Program Office to build climate resilience at scale across the U.S. We are also involved with them on other projects, such as the Climate Resilience Strategies Database and the Climate Smart Communities Initiative.

I’m personally gratified to see such strong interest in the Climate Ready America initiative from agencies and climate resilience leaders in our nation’s capital. Especially since congressional funding is needed to lift the system in all fifty states and US territories.

I look forward to reporting on our progress after I return from the National Adaptation Forum!

I would be remiss if I didn’t put in a plug for voting on November 8. Please make sure your family, friends, and neighbors remember to vote in this important election. The results will greatly impact the options we have for climate action.

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