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Geos Institute helps communities build resilience in the face of climate change

Scott Jackson

I have a background in marine science and community development, which makes me a good fit for the work I love. I live in Bay County and work as the County Extension Director. This means I’m deeply connected to our local community, and I understand the challenges we face, like keeping our coastline strong and using our resources wisely. My job as a Regional Specialized Agent for Florida Sea Grant has helped me learn a lot about marine life, water quality, and coastal resilience.

I’m excited about this work because it lets me use my knowledge to help our communities grow in a smart way. I’m not just interested in my own county but also in helping Washington County, which is right next door. I’ve already made connections in both places. I want to make sure our communities become stronger and more resilient. I believe that understanding our environment and feeling proud of where we live will help us take care of our natural world and our local economy. This will make our neighborhoods, which we all call home, better places to live.

Scott Jackson is part of the Southeast Navigator Network