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Geos Institute helps communities build resilience in the face of climate change

Armando J. Ubeda

I have been living in the Florida Gulf of Mexico region since 2005, and I am familiar with the CDRZ communities and with the challenges they face climate change, population growth, and biodiversity loss. I am interested in assisting Florida communities at risk to become resilient, especially disadvantaged communities. To this project, I bring my academic foundations and experience in marine resource management, environmental impact assessment, conservation, climate change, partnership development and outreach, and inclusion. Some of my past and current projects involve climate change adaptations, building resilient communities, legal recognition of indigenous people’s land, and conservation area planning. From my regional work as part of the Climate and Resilience Community of Practice for the Gulf of Mexico Region leadership team to my local and statewide work on climate change adaptations, I am committed to supporting Florida communities to become more sustainable, I feel that being part of this project is a great opportunity to expand and accelerate my efforts.

Armando Ubeda is part of the Southeast Navigator Network