Following the recommendations from the State of Oregon and to slow the spread of COVID-19 the Geos Institute office is closed to staff and the public until further notice.
During this time our staff remains working remotely - you can find contact information here. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Let's talk about climate change.

Our communities and natural environment are changing quickly. How we prepare
for and respond to these changes will determine our resilience now and into the future.

The Geos Institute team develops solutions that are effective, equitable, and
science-based. You can be part of this important work.

Visit our three initiatives to learn more about what we do and how you can help.


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What Makes Us Tick

Members of our team come from a variety of scientific disciplines, personal experiences, and faiths, but what binds us together is that we all care deeply about the people and wildlife who share this world. The window of opportunity to make a significant impact in this global crisis is small and we recognize the urgency with which we need to act.

We believe that while there may not always be a clear solution, there is always an optimal response that moves us toward the larger goals of reducing the overall magnitude of climate change and adapting well to the changes. Our goal is win-win-win-win wherever possible. We believe the best solutions come from a variety of perspectives, so we partner with a variety of organizations to move our work forward.

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Our Climate Initiatives


    We work to ensure that communities across the country are responding to the threat of climate change by building resilience in ways that are effective and beneficial over the long-term for people and nature. Our team supports community leaders in understanding likely future conditions and developing locally appropriate solutions.

    Visit ClimateWise


    We work to ensure that forests in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska are managed to optimize carbon and sustain biodiversity under changing climate conditions. Our team supports policy makers and land managers by providing critically important scientific information on forests and climate change.

    Visit Forest Legacies


    We work to ensure that green infrastructure becomes the preferred mechanism by which water managers meet a range of water management goals for people and wildlife under changing climate conditions. Our team develops on-the-ground pilot projects with water providers and governmental agencies and assembles the information about restoration-based solutions needed by the water management sector.

    Visit Working Waters


    We bring Whole Community Resilience to local governments through an assisted “Do-It-Yourself” approach with 3 elements:.

    • Free comprehensive climate resilience planning guide for small to medium sized communities
    • Subscription service for support
    • Additional support services

    Visit Climate Ready Communities

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It's Easy To Talk To Us

If you would like more information about our work or are interested in partnering with us through one of our initiatives, feel free to reach out to us.